In Xploquest, you move from zone to zone to explore the map. This corresponds to one travel day for each passage from one zone to another.

A green line between the player and a nearby area means that the area is accessible.

To move, just click on an accessible area around the character.


Map button: This button switches to "map" mode. It allows to move on the map by sliding the finger on the card. This mode also displays unresolved quests.

Zoom +: Allows you to zoom in on the map.

Zoom - : Allows you to zoom out on the map.


 Allows you to see the destination of a quest.


Inventory: Provides access to inventory.


This button accesses the character information screen.


 Dungeon: Access the Dungeon

Cave: This button appears when a Cave is present at the location where the character is located. Click on it to explore the Cave.

Character characteristics:

Hit Points: When this characteristic is less than 0, the character dies.
This characteristic increases automatically with each level change.

Concentration Points: This feature allows you to cast scrolls.
This characteristic increases automatically with each level change.

Food: Represents the amount of food rations. Food is essential to survival. Every move on the map uses a ration.

Combat: This characteristic represents the character's ability to fight. The higher it is the more the character is effective in combat. This characteristic increases automatically with each level change.

Armor Class: This feature represents the protection of the character against enemy attacks. It depends on the equipment worn (armor, helmet, shield).

Damage: This characteristic represents the amount of damage the character inflicts on these enemies. It depends on the equipped weapon.

Amount of experience: This characteristic represents the experience accumulated by the character. Combats as well as quests gain experience.

Character level: From a certain amount of experience, the level of the character increases by 1, making it more powerful.

Amount of gold. The gold allows to make purchases in the shops in town.
Battles and quests earn gold.

Character skills:

Attack: This skill permanently increases the combat characteristic by 1 point.

Exploration: This skill allows access to places previously inaccessible.

Crochet: This skill allows to open colored chests (blue, red, yellow) without key.

Trade: This skill allows you to pay less for equipment and resell at a better price.

Scroll +: This skill increases the power of Scrolls.

Cities :

Cities allow you to rest, shop and accept quests.
Each time you enter or leave a city, your game is saved automatically.

Shop helmets and armor.

Shop weapons and shields.

Shop potions, scrolls and keys.

 Academy: This place allows you to buy skills

Hostel Room: Allows you to retrieve hit points and concentration points.

To buy rations.

List of available quests. There are 2 types of quests: message delivery and battle. Each quest brings back gold and experience.

Message type quest.

Fight type quest.

In shops, this button switches to sales mode. To return to purchase mode, simply click on the store icon.

The fights:

Fighting in Xploquest takes place on a turn-by-turn basis. Each turn you can attack an enemy by clicking on its icon at the top of the screen. You can also drink a potion or use a scroll. All the equipment you can use during a fight appears automatically below the icon of your character.

Quick Combat Button: This button allows you to automatically unfold the combat by pressing it. It is advisable to use it when facing weak enemies.

The dungeons:

Each Dungeon consists of 10 floors to explore. To explore a floor, click on its icon and fight the enemies present on this floor. When the fight is won, a safe is available and access to the next floor is opened.

Open floor for exploration.

Chest available when the fight is won.

The caves:

In the caves, the character moves in space by space and can see enemies and chests.

When the character touches an enemy, the battle begins.

To access a chest, it is necessary to position the character on it, which reveals a icon of the chest at the bottom of the screen on which it is necessary to click in order to try to open the chest.

To get out of the cave, position the character on the staircase icon.


Potion of Life: Allows to recover 50 life.

Concentration Potion: Allows 20 concentration points to be recovered.

Life / Concentration Potion: Recover 50 health and 20 concentration points.
Attack Potion: Increases the combat characteristic by 10 points for 5 turns.

 Resistance Potion: Increases armor by 10 points for 5 turns.

Attack / Resistance Potion: Increases combat character and armor class by 8 points for 5 turns.


Healing scroll: Recover 30 health. The scroll+ skill allows you to recover up to 120 life.
Concentration cost : 2 (this cost is multiplied according to the scoll+ skill)

Invisibility Scroll: Makes invisible for 2 turns. Enemies have more difficulty touching you. The scroll+ skill increases the duration up to 8 turns.
Concentration cost : 3 (this cost is multiplied according to the scoll+ skill)

Line of Fire: Inflicts 10 damage to all monsters on the same line. The scroll+ skill increases damage up to 40.
Concentration cost : 6 (this cost is multiplied according to the scoll+ skill)

Fireball: Inflicts 20 damage to target and 10 enemies to side. The scroll+ skill increases damage up to 80 and 40.
Concentration cost : 5 (this cost is multiplied according to the scoll+ skill)

Vision: Allows you to observe the entire map.

Concentration cost : 10

Teleport: Allows you to teleport to all cities that have been visited at least once.
Concentration cost : 10

Camp: Allows you to set up a camp anywhere (except in a city) and recover all life and concentration points.
Concentration cost : 5